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Manufacturing Plates Only Lasting A Few Weeks

A local concrete manufacturer came to us with a wear problem on their plates which are used to screen up to 300 tons per hour of raw product to size during the manufacturing process. The plates were only lasting a few weeks so they contacted Horner Coatings. Fan and Fabrication fabricated a new plate then it was sent back to us to be grit blasted and we bond coated the raw metal with an iron aluminum alloy which is made to go down coarse. This gives the wear material a better surface to bond with. Loctite 7332 and 7227 were the [...]

Manufacturing Plates Only Lasting A Few Weeks2023-06-07T10:26:47-04:00

Horner Coatings Keeps Plastic Shopping Bags In Production

A plastics company called us out to examine two shafts used on the wash line hopper on their recycled product lines. They take used plastic and create new hard pellet material that combine with other raw materials to make plastic bags used for retail. This hopper is the first in the wash line where the material is cleaned. These small shafts have a dual bushing design that in theory, should be grease lubricated and would wear as the machine operated. This would lead to the eventual need to replace bushings on the shafts but that would have been anticipated by Preventative [...]

Horner Coatings Keeps Plastic Shopping Bags In Production2022-05-16T10:36:48-04:00

Environmental Gas Company Repair

An Environmental facility on the southside of Indianapolis draws gases off the large Landfill next door. They then filter, clean and dry the gas and then sells they turn around and sell the flammable gas to Utility companies. Our first call came in to help them with a pilot bearing replacement in the bottom of a tank that holds a mixer blade in place that mixes a solution that scrubs the methane gas to make it cleaner before it is sent to their customer as fuel. Horner’s Field Service Technicians on site discovered a lot of problems going on. The pilot [...]

Environmental Gas Company Repair2021-02-18T18:47:10-05:00

Cement Plant Fan on a Kiln

A Cement Plant in Ohio had a fan that is subjected to major abrasive wear due to the particulate in the atmosphere at the plant. Erosion on this fan causes this but they found it worse than normal. This was found during a short outage on a Kiln. Horner Fan and Fab and Horner Machining Services worked together to make this job a success. Heidi and Darrel worked together with their teams to pull off an amazing amount of highly skilled decisions and experienced work to make this job come together in the  time frame we were given. Right down to [...]

Cement Plant Fan on a Kiln2021-01-10T16:41:03-05:00

Coated Spool for Chemical Plant Praises Coatings

It’s nice to hear from customers time to time whenever something works better than they expected. A chemical company came to Horner Coatings with a problem a couple years ago. The problem: a double flanged spool part that attached to an absorption tower with a pipe that enters the tower to aid in protection of the tower nozzle. The material in the pipe is SO2 gas and there is some water present from the blowers that supply air for combustion. When the water and SO2 react they make sulfurous and sulfuric acid. The spool was only lasting 8-10 weeks before having [...]

Coated Spool for Chemical Plant Praises Coatings2021-01-09T21:40:55-05:00

Keeping a Plane Safe at 35,000 Feet

Aircraft Engines are the beating heart of an airplane. We, as passengers expect them to run free of mechanical errors and keep us safe in the air no matter what happens: bad weather, geese, etc. The manufacturers of these engines test them extensively to make sure they are built well. Horner gets to be involved somewhat in keeping those testing facilities up and running. An aircraft engine manufacturer needed repair and maintenance on a 6,000 HP Compressor Motor. The compressor furnishes air for testing aircraft engines. It is run on a Dynometer which we have also repaired in the past. The [...]

Keeping a Plane Safe at 35,000 Feet2021-01-09T00:04:12-05:00

Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider

The Horner Industrial Group is proud to announce the prestigious recognition of being appointed as an Approved Service Provider, by Peerless Pump, Indianapolis, Indiana. The agreement became effective on January 23rd, 2020 and is assigned to Horner Industrial’s 940 S. West Street facility. As a result of this appointment, the Horner Industrial Group is now authorized by Peerless Pump to provide Factory Warranty and after-market repairs on all pumps currently and previously manufactured by Peerless Pump. The agreement is effective throughout Horner Industrial Group’s current trading area. The agreement also allows the Horner Industrial Group the opportunity to provide new, factory [...]

Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider2020-03-18T16:53:32-04:00

Car Manufacturer Scrap Chute and Shutdown

In April Fan & Fabrication quoted fabricating a scrap chute for an auto manufacturer. This included assisting with removal and installation, design work, fabrication, a rubber sound barrier coating and transportation of the old and new chute. The chute would be fabricated from 1/8” thick AR plate which matched the original design. Angle supports, hanger brackets and replacement flanges would be included. The main body will be covered with a rubber material to offer noise control. The entire project had to be started and completed during the company’s shutdown. This gave Horner just one week to make magic happen. On Saturday [...]

Car Manufacturer Scrap Chute and Shutdown2020-03-06T21:05:54-05:00

Motor Steel Bases at Pumping Station

We were called to a very rural pumping station in Kentucky. We had to remove two motors from there for repair. When those motors were removed, there were some real issues discovered with the steel bases they were mounted on. One was over filled with grout, and actually bedded the motor into the grout. The grout had actually flown up in between the fins on the bottom of the motor. The correction of this may be a future article, but without correction, this motor will never be able to be moved for alignment! The point of this article is to discuss [...]

Motor Steel Bases at Pumping Station2020-03-06T14:28:18-05:00

Total Restoration of Wastewater Pump Impeller Using Horner’s ThermalLoct Process

The pictures shown are from a recent job that was just completed for one of Horner’s customers. The impeller in the pictures is part of a sewage pump that had been in use for years and was removed from service when it finally failed. Picture #1 shows the 16” impeller in it’s “as received” condition, (cleaned of course). As you can see, the wear ring was broken completely off of the impeller, which is what caused the failure. What you can’t see is that the metal on the impeller is so thin you could poke a screwdriver through it in some [...]

Total Restoration of Wastewater Pump Impeller Using Horner’s ThermalLoct Process2020-03-05T18:36:19-05:00
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