Aircraft Engines are the beating heart of an airplane. We, as passengers expect them to run free of mechanical errors and keep us safe in the air no matter what happens: bad weather, geese, etc. The manufacturers of these engines test them extensively to make sure they are built well. Horner gets to be involved somewhat in keeping those testing facilities up and running.
An aircraft engine manufacturer needed repair and maintenance on a 6,000 HP Compressor Motor. The compressor furnishes air for testing aircraft engines. It is run on a Dynometer which we have also repaired in the past. The size of this project makes us one of the few companies in the area that can handle this project. This is a joint project with Indianapolis Repair facility, Machining Services, and the Coatings Division.
The 24,000 lb rotor was transported from the Indianapolis shop and loaded onto the lathe at Horner Machining Services. The DE Journal and seal areas were prepped for thermal spray, where thermal spray sprayed the fits on the weekend. Journals and seals were machined and polished to size. Slip rings were turned and polished. Rotor was painted and the pedestal prepped and then sent to coatings. Coatings welded the pedestal and seals and then sent back to Machining Services to finish the housing and seals.