Industry Leading Test Panel and Dyno

Horner Industrial Group services and maintains a wide range of electric motors. Using quality materials and thorough testing procedures, our experienced electric motor repair professionals can provide 24/7 service and support. Our electric motor and industrial maintenance services include inspection, testing and documentation, motor rewind and reconditioning, repair and removal services as well as pick-up and delivery of serviced equipment.

Latest Technology

  • Phenix Variable Voltage Test Panel: Test Up to 10,000 HP and Up to 13,800 Volts

  • PDMA Electrical Testing
  • Dynamometer Load Testing to 2000 HP
  • 10′ x 20′ Isolated Test Bed

Industrial or Commercial, Fractional to Large HP Repairs

Here are Some of the Motors we Repair

  • Brushless AC/DC Motors

  • Synchronous Motors

  • Hoist and Crane Motors

  • Dynamometers

  • Generators

  • AC/DC Servo Motors

  • Explosion Proof Motors

  • Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

  • Spindle Motors

  • IEC Motors

  • Brake Motors

  • Hermetically Sealed Motors

  • High Frequency Motors

  • Eddy Current Clutches

  • Locomotive Generators

  • Transformer and Specialty coil rewinding

  • Wound Rotor Motors

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