Industrial Gear Units

SEW gear units can be used flexibly. Be it for a specific customer solution or a standard application. Select your gear unit from a wide assortment. The right size, power, gear ratio, the right torque as well as design and surface. Tailored to your application requirements and to your area of application.

How does a gear unit work?

Based on the design, size, and gear unit stages, a gear unit transforms the speed of a motor into steps up or steps down. The resulting speed ratio i between the input speed and output speed is therefore one of the most important characteristic values of a gear unit. How powerful a gear unit is and the loads that it can convey depends on its maximum torque, measured in the physical unit newton meters [Nm].

What types of gear unit are available?

Gear units are distinguished by the type of force flow that they transmit. As a result, there are three basic designs: Parallel-shaft gear units, right-angle gear units, and planetary gear units.

Parallell-Shaft Gear Units

In parallel-shaft gear units and planetary gear units, the input and output shaft are positioned in one direction (on the same level). The power is therefore transmitted in a straight line. Parallel-shaft gear units are available in a helical gear unit or parallel-shaft helical gear unit mounting position.

Planetary Gears

Planetary gear units are a special form. With them, the power transmission is coaxial. In this case, the speed and torque of the input shaft – the central sun gear – are transmitted to an external annulus gear (on the output side) and transformed by three or more rotating planet gears. Their special feature: The input shaft and output shaft move in the same direction throughout this process. In combination with a servomotor planetary servo gearmotors provide particularly high dynamics and precision.

Right Angle Gears

In right-angle gear units, in contrast, the drive shaft and output shaft are perpendicular to each other – with the result that the flow of force there is diverted at a right angle. There are three established versions of right-angle gear units. They include helical-bevel gear units, helical-worm gear units, and, exclusively from SEW‑EURODRIVE, the SPIROPLAN® right-angle gear unit.

What SEW offers: The right gear unit for every application from our modular system

With a portfolio including all of the conventional types of gear unit and a variety of different sizes, SEW‑EURODRIVE provides you with a comprehensive modular gear unit system. Combined with our modular motor system and other components, they provide millions of combination options. For practically every imaginable use case, you can therefore find a gearmotor that is perfectly tailored to your requirements, whether you choose one of our standard gear units, a servo gearmotor, a stainless steel gear unit, or an explosion-proof gear unit.