An aggregate company that manufacturers cement uses coal to feed a burner that is used in the concrete making process. This coal is metered or measured before going into the burner. The 4 foot plate used in the metering machine gets worn out quickly and Horner Coatings was tasked with making the part last longer. Coatings took the metering plates and built them back up to the proper thickness with 420 stainless steel to provide the hardness to make it last. Another part looks like a honeycomb had to be sprayed using two people spraying at the same time. This is a first for Coatings, they had to problem solve how to make that happen. With the amount of material needing to be applied uniformly, Coatings decided to have a second thermal sprayer spray the outside by hand and have another sprayer monitor the traverse spraying the middle. Way to go Tristan and Russel for working together on this project!