60 HP Integral Vertical Pump Motor (Water Cooled) Assembly

A Louisville customer recently brought in a 60 hp integral vertical motor pump assembly where the motor was water-cooled. The circulation tubes running through the stator had clogged with lime buildup causing the motor to overheat which resulted in the motor windings being burned to a crisp. The customer came in to witness the teardown and to discuss options to prevent future unplanned downtime, as this had happened numerous times before. As it turns out the customer has four of these same pumps in remote locations without monitoring devices so there’s no way for them to tell when the water stops [...]

60 HP Integral Vertical Pump Motor (Water Cooled) Assembly2019-08-29T16:14:43+00:00

Why Thermal Spray Is Not The Same As The “Old Metal Spray”

The Coatings Department, like all our divisions, make Horner Industrial different and give us an advantage over our competitors. Many of our customers and shop employees know what metal spray is, since it has been around for awhile, but most don’t know why our Thermal Spray makes us a leader in our industry. Most believe that Thermal Spray is the “Powdered Metal Spray” process under a new name, BUT, they ARE NOT THE SAME. To help you differentiate between the two processes I’ve included pictures of the guns used to apply both, Twin Arc Thermal Spray and Powdered Metal Spray. As [...]

Why Thermal Spray Is Not The Same As The “Old Metal Spray”2019-09-18T15:37:16+00:00

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