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Projects Happening In Our Shops: Indianapolis

Horner Helps Biofuel Plant Reopen: An ethanol plant that was recently closed decided to reopen. Their plant equipment sat idle for years since 2018. They are in the process of reconditioning all their equipment and Horner has been tasked with a cooling tower that has a total of six motor/pump combos where they need four of them working at all times. These motors are 600HP vertical pump motors. Other projects that Horner is helping the plant with is rebuilding some of the bases that the pumps sit on, 3 stage Gould pumps, and two large dryer fans.     Cement Finish [...]

Projects Happening In Our Shops: Indianapolis2024-02-28T11:16:36-05:00

Starch Mixing Logs

          An ingredient manufacturer had damaged 20 foot mixing logs that mixed up starch. The customer gave us a tight schedule of 5 days to remove the damaged gears, coupling, bearings, and all bent and broken paddles. Basically receive it Monday and return them Friday! Horner Machining Services worked with Fan and Fabrication to get the job done. Machining straightened the shafts and fixed the gears and bearings. Fan and Fabrication laser cut and installed 64 new stainless steel paddles on the mixing logs. It took both divisions and three shifts through the week to make the [...]

Starch Mixing Logs2024-02-28T10:35:03-05:00

Steel Mill Cooling Tower Fan Support

            Multiple Horner Industrial Divisions worked together to secure a fan on a cooling tower for the Steel Mill customer. Air conditioning equipment and industrial processes can generate heat in the form of tons of hot water that needs to be cooled down. That’s where an industrial cooling tower comes in. Overheated water flows through the cooling tower where it’s recirculated and exposed to cool, dry air. Heat leaves the recirculating cooling tower water through evaporation. This is called evaporative cooling. The colder water then reenters the air conditioning equipment or process to cool that equipment [...]

Steel Mill Cooling Tower Fan Support2024-02-28T10:27:27-05:00

Coatings for Coal Metering Plates

          An aggregate company that manufacturers cement uses coal to feed a burner that is used in the concrete making process. This coal is metered or measured before going into the burner. The 4 foot plate used in the metering machine gets worn out quickly and Horner Coatings was tasked with making the part last longer. Coatings took the metering plates and built them back up to the proper thickness with 420 stainless steel to provide the hardness to make it last. Another part looks like a honeycomb had to be sprayed using two people spraying at [...]

Coatings for Coal Metering Plates2024-02-28T10:19:20-05:00

500 MW Generator Failure: Lesson Be Observant

          A 500 MW generator failed catastrophically, it had an internal short that resulted in a phase to phase short. The generator stopped so suddenly that it sheared off 24 2 ½” bolts in the coupling between the generator and the turbine. The problem was traced to the phase leads resonance shifting to 120HZ as the generator aged. This problem resulted in the annual testing of the phase leads for the unit that had the failure and also on its sister machine. One of the key lessons learned during many hours of testing these generators was that [...]

500 MW Generator Failure: Lesson Be Observant2024-02-28T09:55:34-05:00

Theme Park Elevator Ride Repair

        An elevator engineering company that is a customer of Horner Industrial manufactured an elevator system for a popular theme park ride known as the Tower of Terror. There are four of these rides across the World: Florida, California, Tokyo, and Paris. Our customer continues to maintain and maintenance these rides. This ride, based on the TV show The Twilight Zone, is described by the theme park's website: “Enter the rickety, elevator-style lift, strap yourself in and prepare to discover what lies beyond the darkest corner of your imagination. Shriek in terror as you’re suddenly propelled up and [...]

Theme Park Elevator Ride Repair2024-02-28T09:45:21-05:00

Horner Springfield: Sulzer Pump Company Repair Center

          There is an old saying that when you mix water and electricity, water will always win. Judging from the amount of submersible work that the Horner Springfield division has been receiving, I would say that the old saying is very true. We have seen a substantial increase in the number of underwater submersible pumps and agitators that have a motor, gearbox and fan. Part of the reason for the increase in this line of repair work is the long lead time for replacement units. Underwater submersible equipment that our division has repaired ranges in size from [...]

Horner Springfield: Sulzer Pump Company Repair Center2024-02-28T09:37:03-05:00

Patches On Fans At Chemical Company

A chemical company in Indiana had old fiberglass reinforced fans that had been patched over and over again, sometimes a patch on top of a patch. This was due to budget issues and COVID. These fans vented acid from their process dip tanks and were becoming a major safety concern. Not only were the acid fumes starting to attack the electrical conduit and the building siding of the plant but they were concerned about the ventilation for the air the employees were breathing. The customer called Horner to fabricate stainless steel “no loss” stacks to further increase the efficiency of the [...]

Patches On Fans At Chemical Company2023-06-19T10:38:23-04:00

Military Work In Springfield

Our company’s typical clients are heavy industrial-based companies. We are blessed to have such diversity in our customer base – steel, aggregate, plastics, automotive, etc. Since we are in so many sectors of industry, we have increased job security. One sector such as automotive can tank while others may increase, keeping our company workload relatively steady. Another component of this security is our nation’s military who’s mission is to keep America and her people safe from threats, foreign and domestic. In the past, we have been called upon to assist the government with projects for the Navy and Air Force. In [...]

Military Work In Springfield2023-06-19T10:31:30-04:00

Hydraulic Press Leak

Unusual request we got from Sales was a customer needed help to find a leak in their hydraulic system on a large press. The press was leaking gallons of oil in only a few days, and they had a mess so large they could not get it clean and dry to pinpoint the leak. We have an oil dye in Field Service, that can be added to oil, without affecting the lubricity or viscosity of the oil, and the dye glows under a black light. We have black light flashlights to use with the dye. Rusty  (Field Service Tech) went on [...]

Hydraulic Press Leak2023-06-19T10:21:31-04:00
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