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Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider

The Horner Industrial Group is proud to announce the prestigious recognition of being appointed as an Approved Service Provider, by Peerless Pump, Indianapolis, Indiana. The agreement became effective on January 23rd, 2020 and is assigned to Horner Industrial’s 940 S. West Street facility. As a result of this appointment, the Horner Industrial Group is now authorized by Peerless Pump to provide Factory Warranty and after-market repairs on all pumps currently and previously manufactured by Peerless Pump. The agreement is effective throughout Horner Industrial Group’s current trading area. The agreement also allows the Horner Industrial Group the opportunity to provide new, factory [...]

Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider2020-03-18T16:53:32+00:00

Made In Japan, Rebuilt In The US

Everyone is well aware of the quality of Japanese autos in today’s market. In the 1980’s, the Japanese raised the quality bar in the automotive industry, resulting in cars that were of a higher quality and remained in service for many more miles than most of the domestic autos of that time. This off-shore challenge resulted in the upgrade of quality for all American automakers, just to remain in business. This quality concept also applies to the motor repair business and is why our company has Quality Manager like Vernon Pratt, to help us keep quality at the forefront of our [...]

Made In Japan, Rebuilt In The US2020-03-12T15:46:06+00:00

Yoder Transformer

You think motors are tough? Motors ain’t nothing compared to the Yoder. Consider the Yoder Tube Welding Transformer. This baby packs a 150 kVA punch with its 480 Volt Primary and 4 Volt secondary. It produces about 21,739 Amps of welding current. The Yoder Transformer is part of a steel tube making machine, AKA Tube Mill. If you have steel tubular fence posts, a metal play set for your kids or a tailpipe on your car, this Yoder Transformer probably welded the seams. Tube is formed from flat steel through a series of dies over several feet. The round tube seam [...]

Yoder Transformer2020-03-12T15:27:18+00:00

Field Service/Pump Repair Go Diving

We were asked to remove a 600 HP vertical motor and the 13 foot long turbine pump that it couples to, from a cooling tower water basin. The motor was removed without incident, but when we lifted the pump out, instead of the expected 13 feet, we only got 5 feet of pump! The pump had actually broken in two! We probed the water, using 8 foot long poles, and could not feel anything. And with caramel colored water in the cooling tower, nothing was visible. The customer had no way to get it out, and even if a new pump [...]

Field Service/Pump Repair Go Diving2020-03-12T14:24:56+00:00

Always Unique At Transformer

If you have city water you probably have some of the brass, stainless or cast iron products this Wabash Indiana company manufacturers. Their piping and valve products are mostly used from the “Main to the Meter”. In the pictures, Kevin Burdette and Don Morris are making the coil that electrically melts the No-Lead brass for these products. The Induction Coil was re-designed from the original coil to be stronger by Don Morris. All the fixturing and jigs were hand-made specifically for this process as they are on any custom coil the shop builds. The induction heating coil is wound out of [...]

Always Unique At Transformer2020-03-12T13:59:15+00:00

Metal Fabrication Safety Platform Solutions

A food ingredient manufacturer in Urbana, Ohio had a difficult time maintaining their dust collection and fire suppression systems due to the systems being located in an awkward spot. In order to service these systems, maintenance workers at the company were required to harness themselves and to straddle two I-beams approximately 30” apart roughly 30 feet above ground level. The company contacted Brad Snodgrass at Horner Fan and explained their predicament. Brad made the trip to Ohio to inspect the situation and offer suggestions. The customer advised him that whatever was presented would need to be bolted into place because welding [...]

Metal Fabrication Safety Platform Solutions2020-03-11T19:20:50+00:00

Troubleshooting: Control Rod Cooling Fan Vibration

Our EMDS (Electrical, Mechanical Diagnostic Services) division is very well known for troubleshooting customer’s problems. We hope you like this upcoming series in the newsletter that will be dedicated to the analysis of unusual problems that are encountered in the field. With everyone looking up problems on I phones and Google, a lot of these customers are helpless because information like this is not out there on the internet. We handle the problems that may have never been seen before. Our first troubleshooting issue shows the need to understand several things. When troubleshooting (nuclear, radiation, organic chemistry, and mechanical response dynamics) [...]

Troubleshooting: Control Rod Cooling Fan Vibration2020-03-11T17:53:16+00:00

Emergency Fan Removal Shows Power of Horner Services

A trash burning facility in Indianapolis, IN, that burns trash from all Indianapolis and surrounding areas local trash services, had a failure. This failure in an ID Fan caused an emergency down situation, and this company was unable to burn trash. This fan takes the air that is burned and puts it out a tall smoke stack that takes the contaminates out of the air before releasing it into the atmosphere. With the combined efforts of Horner Machining Services, Indy Sales, Field Service from Indy, Louisville, and Springfield, Washington Street Repair logistics and Horner Fan and Fabrication this job showed how [...]

Emergency Fan Removal Shows Power of Horner Services2020-03-11T17:39:14+00:00

Oil Filter Manufacturer Press Upgrade Project

Most of us are old enough to remember the oil filter commercial tag line, “pay us now or pay us later.” Well, those oil filters are made in a facility in Greenville OH and are stamped out on several large stamping presses. These presses were designed with eddy current clutch and motors to drive the press flywheels to enable variable speed operation. Over the last 30 years, the clutch drives have required high maintenance and were undependable. Now on to the solution; Mark Russell (outside sales) had several meetings with engineering staff with assistance from Dave Whited (product sales), Kim Shellabarger [...]

Oil Filter Manufacturer Press Upgrade Project2020-03-11T17:10:36+00:00

Car Manufacturer Scrap Chute and Shutdown

In April Fan & Fabrication quoted fabricating a scrap chute for an auto manufacturer. This included assisting with removal and installation, design work, fabrication, a rubber sound barrier coating and transportation of the old and new chute. The chute would be fabricated from 1/8” thick AR plate which matched the original design. Angle supports, hanger brackets and replacement flanges would be included. The main body will be covered with a rubber material to offer noise control. The entire project had to be started and completed during the company’s shutdown. This gave Horner just one week to make magic happen. On Saturday [...]

Car Manufacturer Scrap Chute and Shutdown2020-03-06T21:05:54+00:00
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