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Steel Rolling Tandem Mill Motor

A steel manufacturer sent in a steel rolling tandem mill motor after the armature equalizer insulation had failed to ground due to age and time of service. The bearings, bearing journals, and bearing housings were severely damaged. A team of different Horner Divisions came together to complete this project. Machining Services did an extensive amount of machine work on the shaft and bearing housing. They also turned and undercut the armature when the rewind was completed. Fan and Fabrication manufactured new bearing seal inserts. Horner Coatings sprayed and machined the shaft and bearing housings. They also did the welding of the [...]

Steel Rolling Tandem Mill Motor2022-05-16T11:59:45-04:00

Motor on Fire : Open Frame DC Motor With A Burned Brush Holder

Horner Industrial received a call from a Steel Producing Customer that they had a large open frame DC motor with a burned brush holder on a motor. Troy Elder (Fort Wayne) was our “first responder”, grabbing a Megger, and camera, he rushed to the customer site to help them out. However, when he arrived at the site, he knew they were in real trouble. The motor had gone to ground and had caught fire, but unbelievably, it was still running when they realized they had a problem. Troy contacted MFS who assembled a crew at a moment’s notice to travel to [...]

Motor on Fire : Open Frame DC Motor With A Burned Brush Holder2019-09-03T14:48:55-04:00

60 HP Integral Vertical Pump Motor (Water Cooled) Assembly

A Louisville customer recently brought in a 60 hp integral vertical motor pump assembly where the motor was water-cooled. The circulation tubes running through the stator had clogged with lime buildup causing the motor to overheat which resulted in the motor windings being burned to a crisp. The customer came in to witness the teardown and to discuss options to prevent future unplanned downtime, as this had happened numerous times before. As it turns out the customer has four of these same pumps in remote locations without monitoring devices so there’s no way for them to tell when the water stops [...]

60 HP Integral Vertical Pump Motor (Water Cooled) Assembly2019-08-29T16:14:43-04:00

Power Plant 7000 HP ID Fan Motors

          A Power Plant Customer’s Generating Station is located outside of Sullivan Indiana about 45 minutes South of Terre Haute. This coal fired plant went on line in 1982 operating two units producing 1080 megawatts. Horner’s shop in Terre Haute has been doing repair work for them since before the plant was operational. They continue to be a strong customer after almost 40 years. Each year they shut down one unit for maintenance so motors come into our shops for repair and Horner’s field service divisions are involved with removals and installations. Most motors are on a [...]

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Pipeline Motor Base and Loctite Coatings

A Pipeline Company had a project that was going late into October due to a 1250HP 4160V motor upgrade to a more modern frame. Once the original large existing GE 2300V motor was removed from the sled base, the surface was checked for flatness and it was found to be out close to .125”. This obviously was not acceptable for a 2 pole motor that was direct coupled to a Sulzer propane pump. Matt Phelps of Horner Fan&Fab had quoted a transition base for the newer 4160V more modern frame to meet the D dim. (shaft height). The general practice for [...]

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Dredge Motors

A gravel pit in Petersburg, KY contacted John Baumann (Sales) with a problem. They had 2 motors on a dredge. A particular dredge is a floating clam shell type bucket that pulls gravel off the bottom of a lake. The motors drop and pull up the bucket from the bottom of the lake. The team at the gravel pit wanted to upgrade from a wound rotor motor and convert it to a new induction motor to be controlled by a VFD. They also wanted to upgrade the controls to eliminate a diesel generator and go to shore power. If they run [...]

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Installing VFD Drives On Vertical Pumps and Structural Vibration Problems

By: Nelson Baxter It is well known that the installation of VFD drives has the possibility of introducing vibration problems on rotating equipment.  When a machine runs through a wide speed range the probability of operating at or near a resonance is significantly increased as compared to a machine operating at a single frequency. VFDs are generally utilized to slow the speed of a machine down to match the load, thus saving energy and allowing better control of the process.  The inherent nature of the design of vertical pumps means that there is a large mass (the motor) sitting on top [...]

Installing VFD Drives On Vertical Pumps and Structural Vibration Problems2016-11-01T19:04:39-04:00

CoolBLUE® Absorption Inductors Solve Severe Noise Issue at Ethanol Plant

An Ethanol plant in Michigan had experienced severe noise on their plant Distributed Control System, (which is Device Net) being generated by the installed VFD’S since the plant was built. The noise issue was a direct result of running all of the entire plant communication lines in the same cable trays as the power lines to energize their plant’s production equipment. The harmonic line distortion created by the VFDs required a minimum of 8 units that had to be manually started at any given time. Since this is a Hazardous and Explosion Proof area the customer was extremely concerned for the [...]

CoolBLUE® Absorption Inductors Solve Severe Noise Issue at Ethanol Plant2020-10-02T18:15:01-04:00

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Exterior of the Motor, the Fan and the Fan Cover Grill/Screen

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Exterior of the Motor, the Fan and the Fan Cover Grill/Screen is Critical to Getting the Most Life Out of Your Motors. Keeping the exterior of motor frames free of debris and buildup is necessary to achieve the normal lifespan of the winding. On a TEFC motor, the fins on exterior of motor are made to direct the air flow over the motor frame for heat dissipation. When they become restricted or filled with foreign material, it may cause the motor to run at an elevated temperature creating a thermal deterioration of the winding insulation. For [...]

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Exterior of the Motor, the Fan and the Fan Cover Grill/Screen2020-03-13T15:03:02-04:00

Wire Nuts vs. Lugs: Benefits of a Good Electrical Connection

When installing or connecting motor leads we at Horner do not recommended the use of “wire nuts” on anything that will see 10 amps or more. Or another way to look at it is, we do not recommended them for use on motors larger than 3 HP at 230V, or 5 HP at 460V . Ambient temperatures also need to also be considered before using a plastic based wire nut. The plastic may soften and fail if the temperatures are too high. “Lugs” that are properly crimped to the lead cable, or soldered to the cable are the best connections to [...]

Wire Nuts vs. Lugs: Benefits of a Good Electrical Connection2016-06-09T13:17:52-04:00
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