A Power Plant Customer’s Generating Station is located outside of Sullivan Indiana about 45 minutes South of Terre Haute. This coal fired plant went on line in 1982 operating two units producing 1080 megawatts. Horner’s shop in Terre Haute has been doing repair work for them since before the plant was operational. They continue to be a strong customer after almost 40 years.
Each year they shut down one unit for maintenance so motors come into our shops for repair and Horner’s field service divisions are involved with removals and installations. Most motors are on a 5 year rotation for work so each outage depends on which motors are on the outage list. In most cases, the outage length limits our “in-shop” time to a matter of days, not weeks. We handle everything possible in our Terre Haute shop and larger ones go to Washington Street. We deal with motors as small as 10 hp that operate lube oil boosters for the boilers up to fan motors rated at 7,000 HP and everything in between.
This past spring Mechanical Field Service pulled both 7,000 HP I.D. fan motors. Washington Street Shop did the reconditions along with support from Horner Machining Services and Thermal Spray and then Field Service reinstalled and aligned. These motors are big and heavy so we involve a crane company for rigging.
This spring we had our usual hurdles to jump including weather delays, working with and around other contractors, coordinating transportation and crane service along with finding and correcting small issues that our guys noticed during their time there.
With all involved divisions of Horner working together the end result was completion on time and a satisfied customer.