Vibration Issue on Forced Draft Fan

A 100 year old steam plant was having a long standing vibration issue that they could not correct. Our EMDS department determined the likely issue was the hub to shaft fit. Horner Machining Services did most of the work on this fan including: • Remove old bearing, couplings, and louvers • Press old shaft out of the fan • Sand blast the fan and louvers clean • steam clean coupling • set up new shaft and check for straightness, then install • Dynamic Balance • Paint and reinstall the original coupling Field Service did the on-site work for removal, installation, and [...]

Vibration Issue on Forced Draft Fan2022-01-26T23:26:33-05:00

Advanced Diagnostic Services and Preventative Maintenance

A major steel mill was looking to upgrade their maintenance practices thru predictive maintenance vibration analysis. There were several meetings with Brad Barton of Horner’s Electrical Mechanical Diagnostics Service (EMDS) group to identify equipment and understand their expectations. The EMDS reporting was covered in depth, a vibration collection route was laid out and frequency of reporting established. The machines identified ranged from 10,000 hp AC motors to smaller AC and DC motors in the range of 100hp up to 1250 hp as well as gearboxes. Horner’s field service group installed remote accelerometers on equipment deemed not safe for personnel to enter [...]

Advanced Diagnostic Services and Preventative Maintenance2022-01-26T23:19:34-05:00

High Speed Motion Camera

Motion Magnification See what’s really happening to your equipment in real time.  Pinpoint the root cause of the vibration or dynamic problems costing you time and money! Key Benefits Faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics enable problems to be pinpointed with more certainty. Enables your reliability and maintenance engineers to pinpoint problem root causes, lower maintenance costs, reduce problem resolution time and machine or plant downtime. Applications Localized Structural Vibration: Bearing pedestals Pipe Rack Duct work Cooling Towers Blowers Frequent Mechanical Failures: Pumps Fans Machine Bases Bent shaft Misalignment  

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A Fan That Cannot Be Balanced

A power plant kept getting above normal levels of unbalance on a 5000 horsepower 720 RPM fan. They had made several attempts trying to balance the fan, all of which failed. It was then that they made the decision to call in Nelson Baxter who is the manager of Horner’s EMDS Division. Equipment: A 5000 HP 720 RPM fan at a Power Plant. Symptoms: Above normal levels of unbalance that resisted balance efforts. Several attempts were made to balance the fan, all of which were unsuccessful. Test Results: After attempting several balance shots in an I.D. fan, the casing vibration levels [...]

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Ghosts: Vibratory Conveyors

Symptoms of Problem: In a small Midwestern town, the residents complained that they felt movement of their houses, particularly at night. One of the residents stated that her sister would no longer come and visit her because she thought the house was haunted with ghosts. She felt this way because lampshades would move, pictures would rattle and rocking chairs would rock without anyone being in them. Test Procedure: In an attempt to identify the cause of the above problem, vibration measurements were made at several of the houses in the community, along the sidewalks and at a factory located near the [...]

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Vibration Of Microscope In Microsurgery Room

Equipment: A microscope mounted from the ceiling of a surgery room. The special microscope was used by the surgeon during micro-surgery operations which involved replanting severed fingers and toes. Symptoms: The chief surgeon complained that the image was jittery and that it was very tiring to operate under those conditions, particularly when the scope was set for its maximum magnification. Test Data and Observations: The scope was set to its greatest magnification and printed material was placed on the operating table. Vibration was clearly noticeable, just as the surgeon had indicated. Vibration spectra were taken on both the table and the [...]

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Sound and Vibration From Pulse Furnace

A new building had been constructed at a university and it had objectionable levels of both sound and vibration. Both problems were related to the three pulse furnaces heating the building. The furnaces were located in the basement. The furnaces’ flues ran under the floors then up a chase and out through short stacks in the roof. Vibration and sound spectra were taken in the offices areas where there were problems. The primary frequency in both the sound and vibration spectra were at approximately 37 Hz, which was the pulse firing frequency of the furnaces. At the end of the building [...]

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Motor Vibration: Things Are Not Always As They Appear

Three pumps sat beside one another on a concrete foundation. Two of the motors on the pumps operated with low levels of vibration. The third motor had high levels of 120Hz vibration. As with the previous case, when the good motors were put in the third location, the 120 HZ vibration was high. A resonance test was performed and it was discovered that where the vibration levels were high that the foundation had a 120Hz vertical resonance that was not present under the other two motors. When the foundation under the bad location was jack hammered out, it was discovered that [...]

Motor Vibration: Things Are Not Always As They Appear2019-09-10T16:00:16-04:00

Loose Motor Bases: Motor Vibration (A Simple Solution)

When analyzing motors, it is easy to read more into a problem than actually exists. This case history illustrates the need to always look for the simple solution first. While at a power plant working on a large fan, the vibration analyst requested that a large mill motor be examined. The motor had been sent out to motor shops twice. In each instance, the vibration remained high when the motor was put back into operation. Attempts were made to field balance the motor, however, they were unsuccessful. The motor continued to have amplitudes of 8 mils of vibration, all of which [...]

Loose Motor Bases: Motor Vibration (A Simple Solution)2019-09-09T18:02:12-04:00

Installing VFD Drives On Vertical Pumps and Structural Vibration Problems

By: Nelson Baxter It is well known that the installation of VFD drives has the possibility of introducing vibration problems on rotating equipment.  When a machine runs through a wide speed range the probability of operating at or near a resonance is significantly increased as compared to a machine operating at a single frequency. VFDs are generally utilized to slow the speed of a machine down to match the load, thus saving energy and allowing better control of the process.  The inherent nature of the design of vertical pumps means that there is a large mass (the motor) sitting on top [...]

Installing VFD Drives On Vertical Pumps and Structural Vibration Problems2016-11-01T19:04:39-04:00


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