A locker manufacturer in Illinois builds lockers like you would see in schools and employee work areas. They called Horner because they had a fan failure and it caused enough damage to need to be replaced. This fan is part of an oven application that dries the painted locker panels. The fan failed due to fatigue and the fan blades came off and destroyed the fan cone. When this fan was originally built it was installed without consideration of it ever being replaced or repaired. A double wall had to be cut and removed to allow the job to be accomplished. This was also an over head job as it was next to another furnace which impeded the use of the proper material handling equipment to be employed. Horner Fan and Fabrication and Indianapolis Field Service worked on this job. Ever wonder what happens on a job site? Here is the list of services we preformed:
– cut the outer oven panel
– removed the insulation
– cut out the inner panel
– using the two panels installed, welded the new plug to the new
– installed the fan using a high
heat caulk
– visually inspected the other two fans and they had no issues
– did vibration analysis on all three fans with no issues
– installed customer supplied belts and laser aligned/tensioned
– installed the new fan cone
– when the oven came up to temperature the new fan wheel had to be adjusted back to allow
for the cone expansion due to temperature. The customer was extremely pleased with this job and told Brad Snodgrass, “I cannot believe the quality work in such a short amount of time, from now on I will call Horner when I need anything.”