A major aluminum manufacturer contracts Horner EMDS (Electro Mechanical Diagnostic Services) to perform monthly vibration data collection and analysis. EMDS identified a mill gearbox input shaft bearing issue. In 2022, the monthly vibration analysis indicated the bearing issue increasing. The vibration analysis was discussed with the customer and the vibration data collection increased to twice weekly. At the same time, customer was planning a major outage to on-site repair the gearbox. The March outage was scheduled. Horner provided 24 hour per day, 5-day work schedule. On a Monday the outage started. Mark Rosebrock was lead tech on day shift and Matt Brown was lead tech on night shift. Indianapolis Field Service, Louisville, Springfield, and Terre Haute all contributed to our manpower. The input shaft did indeed have a bearing issue. The shaft was sent out for repair. During this time, Horner manpower performed motor PM work on main mill, coater 1 & 2, 16 mill, and separator 1. Also, the inboard 2000 HP main motor was replaced. The major outage was completed on schedule. The customer expressed that it was a Super Horner Team effort when he started his mill on Saturday night.