steel mill equipment repair

Steel Rolling Tandem Mill Motor

A steel manufacturer sent in a steel rolling tandem mill motor after the armature equalizer insulation had failed to ground due to age and time of service. The bearings, bearing journals, and bearing housings were severely damaged. A team of different Horner Divisions came together to complete this project. Machining Services did an extensive amount of machine work on the shaft and bearing housing. They also turned and undercut the armature when the rewind was completed. Fan and Fabrication manufactured new bearing seal inserts. Horner Coatings sprayed and machined the shaft and bearing housings. They also did the welding of the [...]

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Yoder Transformer

You think motors are tough? Motors ain’t nothing compared to the Yoder. Consider the Yoder Tube Welding Transformer. This baby packs a 150 kVA punch with its 480 Volt Primary and 4 Volt secondary. It produces about 21,739 Amps of welding current. The Yoder Transformer is part of a steel tube making machine, AKA Tube Mill. If you have steel tubular fence posts, a metal play set for your kids or a tailpipe on your car, this Yoder Transformer probably welded the seams. Tube is formed from flat steel through a series of dies over several feet. The round tube seam [...]

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