Rolling Mill Gearbox Repair

A customer recently sent in a gearbox that is part of their rolling mill. The rolling mill uses a metal alloy to make engine bearings for large Diesel engines. This line on the mill brings in thicker material and rolls it out thinner to the desired thickness. Much like a rolling pin does with dough. The problem with the gearbox was when it was put under load it would vibrate like crazy. When the gearbox ran unloaded it ran smooth. It was found that the shaft was bent, and the gears were in bad shape. We worked with a quality manufacturer [...]

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Environmental Gas Company Repair

An Environmental facility on the southside of Indianapolis draws gases off the large Landfill next door. They then filter, clean and dry the gas and then sells they turn around and sell the flammable gas to Utility companies. Our first call came in to help them with a pilot bearing replacement in the bottom of a tank that holds a mixer blade in place that mixes a solution that scrubs the methane gas to make it cleaner before it is sent to their customer as fuel. Horner’s Field Service Technicians on site discovered a lot of problems going on. The pilot [...]

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Cement Plant Fan on a Kiln

A Cement Plant in Ohio had a fan that is subjected to major abrasive wear due to the particulate in the atmosphere at the plant. Erosion on this fan causes this but they found it worse than normal. This was found during a short outage on a Kiln. Horner Fan and Fab and Horner Machining Services worked together to make this job a success. Heidi and Darrel worked together with their teams to pull off an amazing amount of highly skilled decisions and experienced work to make this job come together in the  time frame we were given. Right down to [...]

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Preventative Maintenance and Repair: Industrial Coatings

Before After               Preventative maintenance is vital to extending the service life of just about anything we use. A little bit of time here and there can save the headaches and cost of being down for a major repair. There is one thing though that even the best maintenance plan can’t prevent. Eventually parts do wear out, especially those in high friction environments. Not all wear is preventable but it can be slowed down. One of the most common questions we get asked over here at coatings is “Can you make [...]

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From Bone Yard to Functional

The above picture is a dryer disperser unit from a Horner customer. This customer is located in Cloverdale, IN and produces ethanol. This disperser runs at speed and the chunks of product hit it while rotating and blast it into smaller particles. The unit was bent and unable to be used in production. The customer had the disperser out in their bone yard for years and one day asked Todd Cochran, Sales , if Horner could save the unit. The unit was transported to the Horner Machine Shop to be dismantled and evaluated for repair. The customer provided the price of [...]

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Unique Shaft Manufacturing at Machine Shop

A magnetics manufacturer in Ohio makes magnetic drums that can sort metal out of material on a conveyor belt. These magnetic drums are for auto shredding, municipal solid waste, parts recovery, and iron ore cobbing just to name a few. These drums are for heavy duty ferrous separation applications. They come in sizes in diameters from 36” to 72” and widths from 36” to 120”. The magnetic manufacturer was currently looking for a company who could manufacturer these shafts for them and thanks to John Baumann he was awarded the contract along with the Machine Shop. The customer sends the material [...]

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