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Horner Springfield: Sulzer Pump Company Repair Center

          There is an old saying that when you mix water and electricity, water will always win. Judging from the amount of submersible work that the Horner Springfield division has been receiving, I would say that the old saying is very true. We have seen a substantial increase in the number of underwater submersible pumps and agitators that have a motor, gearbox and fan. Part of the reason for the increase in this line of repair work is the long lead time for replacement units. Underwater submersible equipment that our division has repaired ranges in size from [...]

Horner Springfield: Sulzer Pump Company Repair Center2024-02-28T09:37:03-05:00

German Engineering Gearbox

Anyone who has worked in the field of electromechanical repair has likely come across one or more pieces of German engineered equipment. It doesn’t take long to figure out the Germans have a unique way of engineering their products and for the most part, are not repair friendly. Recently our shop repaired a Knodler CMG gearbox that was designed and built in Germany. The design of the CMG gearbox is to solve a problem of needing a large amount of torque in a small package, and this gear- box does that well. CMG is an acronym for “compact motor gear” and [...]

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Aluminum Plant Outage

A major aluminum manufacturer contracts Horner EMDS (Electro Mechanical Diagnostic Services) to perform monthly vibration data collection and analysis. EMDS identified a mill gearbox input shaft bearing issue. In 2022, the monthly vibration analysis indicated the bearing issue increasing. The vibration analysis was discussed with the customer and the vibration data collection increased to twice weekly. At the same time, customer was planning a major outage to on-site repair the gearbox. The March outage was scheduled. Horner provided 24 hour per day, 5-day work schedule. On a Monday the outage started. Mark Rosebrock was lead tech on day shift and Matt [...]

Aluminum Plant Outage2023-03-14T11:27:59-04:00

The High Costs of Production Losses

In November, Bill Roper received a call from a concerned customer with a failed gearbox. This was a large obsolete gearbox that is coupled to a rubber extruder that mixes a special compound, supplied to other facilities. Bill asked if the Springfield division could commit the manpower to this overtime job and we accepted the challenge. The customer stated that his company was losing $550 every 15 minutes that this extruder was down. So that is $2,200 per hour, $52,800 per day and $369,000 per week! Needless to say, this was a full overtime job, worked around the clock. The customer [...]

The High Costs of Production Losses2023-03-06T11:22:25-05:00

Rolling Mill Gearbox Repair

A customer recently sent in a gearbox that is part of their rolling mill. The rolling mill uses a metal alloy to make engine bearings for large Diesel engines. This line on the mill brings in thicker material and rolls it out thinner to the desired thickness. Much like a rolling pin does with dough. The problem with the gearbox was when it was put under load it would vibrate like crazy. When the gearbox ran unloaded it ran smooth. It was found that the shaft was bent, and the gears were in bad shape. We worked with a quality manufacturer [...]

Rolling Mill Gearbox Repair2021-02-18T18:45:06-05:00

Plastics Company Gearbox and Roll Application Upgrade

An Indiana Plastics Company used a single chain, with a multiple sprocket setup to control their process equipment. They wanted to upgrade their systems to modern equipment and have the ability to vary the line speed. The customer decided to use (1) motor/gearbox and VFD per roll to allow for independent control. Horner was able to provide Sumitomo motor/ gearboxes and Horner Machining Service designed and machined a new drive shaft and coupling for each roll. These 8’ long 20” diameter rolls are water cooled so Machining Services had to figure out how to allow water to flow through the drive [...]

Plastics Company Gearbox and Roll Application Upgrade2021-01-10T16:50:22-05:00

Aluminum Plant Outage

In June of 2017 an Aluminum plant contacted us to begin the early planning stages of their outage which was scheduled for January 2018. The customer was about to undertake the most involved outage on their primary mill and wanted Horner’s exclusive involvement. The outage was a success despite the very large scale and daunting tasks assigned. All work was coordinated by Ralph Coonce of field service. If you’ve ever seen Ralph in action during an outage I don’t have to explain that he doesn’t just show up. He’s elbow deep in the actual work turning wrenches or any another task [...]

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Horner Gearbox Repair: Cutting Down Customer Costs and Turn Around Time

There are a lot of motor shops in the Midwest but there are very few gearbox repair firms. Most customers send their large and expensive gearboxes back to the manufacturer to repair them for 50 – 75% of the price of a new replacement gearbox. This repair practice has created some opportunity for our division to repair special, expensive gearboxes for less than a manufacturer’s repair and we can offer a shorter delivery timeframe. We recently received five plastic extrusion drive gearboxes from one customer, thanks to John Baumann’s sales effort. We dismantled all five gearboxes and quoted them to the [...]

Horner Gearbox Repair: Cutting Down Customer Costs and Turn Around Time2019-09-10T16:00:18-04:00
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