An Indiana Plastics Company used a single chain, with a multiple sprocket setup to control their process equipment. They wanted to upgrade their systems to modern equipment and have the ability to vary the line speed. The customer decided to use (1) motor/gearbox and VFD per roll to allow for independent control. Horner was able to provide Sumitomo motor/ gearboxes and Horner Machining Service designed and machined a new drive shaft and coupling for each roll. These 8’ long 20” diameter rolls are water cooled so Machining Services had to figure out how to allow water to flow through the drive shaft and coupling and into the roll. Darrell Cothron and JR Huston both tackled how to take a concept on  paper and make everything work without leaking. After the customer reviewed the prototype a few adjustments were made and Machining Services was able to make (6) drive shafts and couplings. This was the first phase of the project and expect to receive more rolls in the future. Thanks to everyone involved in this project!