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Hardwood Manufacturer 50″ Fan

A hardwood flooring manufacturer contacted Horner about repairing a 50” Fan. With help from Indianapolis Field Service, Horner Fan and Fabrication had a 3 day window to repair this 50” fan wheel. This was the main dust collection fan for the plant. The structure around this fan made it very challenging to remove. The fan is inside the plant with structural steel above the fan and a concrete wall on two sides. After removing the insulation and the inlet fitting there was about 36” of space to maneuver this heavy wheel and 2-15/16” shaft out of the building. Once in the [...]

Hardwood Manufacturer 50″ Fan2023-03-15T10:31:14-04:00

Emergency Fan Removal Shows Power of Horner Services

A trash burning facility in Indianapolis, IN, that burns trash from all Indianapolis and surrounding areas local trash services, had a failure. This failure in an ID Fan caused an emergency down situation, and this company was unable to burn trash. This fan takes the air that is burned and puts it out a tall smoke stack that takes the contaminates out of the air before releasing it into the atmosphere. With the combined efforts of Horner Machining Services, Indy Sales, Field Service from Indy, Louisville, and Springfield, Washington Street Repair logistics and Horner Fan and Fabrication this job showed how [...]

Emergency Fan Removal Shows Power of Horner Services2020-03-11T17:39:14-04:00
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