A trash burning facility in Indianapolis, IN, that burns trash from all Indianapolis and surrounding areas local trash services, had a failure. This failure in an ID Fan caused an emergency down situation, and this company was unable to burn trash. This fan takes the air that is burned and puts it out a tall smoke stack that takes the contaminates out of the air before releasing it into the atmosphere.
With the combined efforts of Horner Machining Services, Indy Sales, Field Service from Indy, Louisville, and Springfield, Washington Street Repair logistics and Horner Fan and Fabrication this job showed how teamwork and our strength can get a customer up and running far more quickly than our competition. All the Horner employees involved performed at a very high level to get this challenging job returned. Due to the critical nature of this breakdown. The customer was at Machining Services day, night and weekend to monitor the status of the repair.
The shaft on the fan had broken, and it just happens that Machining Services had made a replacement the year before. The hard part was Field Service removing the fan, lots of drilling and torching to cut it out, after that was completed Machining Services took over. This fan was 8 foot in diameter with a 12 inch diameter and 178 inch long shaft. HMS removed the old shaft and replaced it with the new shaft that was previously made. Good thing we made a new one! After it was installed it had to be balanced. Then it was off to field service to have it installed and get the customer up and running. With Horner’s vast array of services, jobs like these show our talented staff and depth of Horner and what we can do. Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and time that was put into this project! We greatly appreciate everyone who helped make this a success.