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Patches On Fans At Chemical Company

A chemical company in Indiana had old fiberglass reinforced fans that had been patched over and over again, sometimes a patch on top of a patch. This was due to budget issues and COVID. These fans vented acid from their process dip tanks and were becoming a major safety concern. Not only were the acid fumes starting to attack the electrical conduit and the building siding of the plant but they were concerned about the ventilation for the air the employees were breathing. The customer called Horner to fabricate stainless steel “no loss” stacks to further increase the efficiency of the [...]

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Aluminum Manufacturer Exhaust Fan Build

Horner Fan & Fabrication had been involved with the rebuild and repair of an existing furnace fan earlier in 2018 at an Aluminum Manufacturer. The project was stressful due to time constraints and very expensive for the customer. This experience led Horner Sales to suggest to the customer that they needed a back-up plan in the event they had another fan go off line. This led the customer to approach Horner about building them a fan that could be used for just such occasions. The existing furnace units used at the plant were manufactured in Germany. Although the plant had many [...]

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