Pump Repair Shop Now ISO Certified

Horner Industrial is excited to announce that their Pump Shop has achieved and received ISO 9001-2015 Certification! This is great news for Horner Industrial as the vast majority of our competitors are not. When a company is certified as being ISO 9001 it means that the organization is required to define and follow a quality based management system that requires them to identify areas of improvement and to take action toward those improvements. As a result, it’s typically understood that an organization stating that they’re ISO 9001 certified means that they’re an organization with products and services that meet a certain [...]

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Horner Industrial: Peerless Pump Authorized Service Provider

The Horner Industrial Group is proud to announce the prestigious recognition of being appointed as an Approved Service Provider, by Peerless Pump, Indianapolis, Indiana. The agreement became effective on January 23rd, 2020 and is assigned to Horner Industrial’s 940 S. West Street facility. As a result of this appointment, the Horner Industrial Group is now authorized by Peerless Pump to provide Factory Warranty and after-market repairs on all pumps currently and previously manufactured by Peerless Pump. The agreement is effective throughout Horner Industrial Group’s current trading area. The agreement also allows the Horner Industrial Group the opportunity to provide new, factory [...]

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Field Service/Pump Repair Go Diving

We were asked to remove a 600 HP vertical motor and the 13 foot long turbine pump that it couples to, from a cooling tower water basin. The motor was removed without incident, but when we lifted the pump out, instead of the expected 13 feet, we only got 5 feet of pump! The pump had actually broken in two! We probed the water, using 8 foot long poles, and could not feel anything. And with caramel colored water in the cooling tower, nothing was visible. The customer had no way to get it out, and even if a new pump [...]

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