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Metal Fabrication Safety Platform Solutions

A food ingredient manufacturer in Urbana, Ohio had a difficult time maintaining their dust collection and fire suppression systems due to the systems being located in an awkward spot. In order to service these systems, maintenance workers at the company were required to harness themselves and to straddle two I-beams approximately 30” apart roughly 30 feet above ground level. The company contacted Brad Snodgrass at Horner Fan and explained their predicament. Brad made the trip to Ohio to inspect the situation and offer suggestions. The customer advised him that whatever was presented would need to be bolted into place because welding [...]

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Catwalk Maintenance Platforms

A facility management group for a major electrical grid distribution network for the Eastern and Midwestern area of the country, called Fan and Fabrication to build and deliver two catwalk maintenance platforms. Upon Horner Fan and Fab’s completion of the job, the customer tried unsuccessfully to find someone to install them. The reason being is that the platforms consisted of two sections approximately 5 feet wide and 9 feet long weighing in at 800lbs each. The platforms had to be lifted 13 feet off the floor, around, up and through conduit, fans, sprinkler heads, fire detection sensors, uniststrut, and other obstacles [...]

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