A facility management group for a major electrical grid distribution network for the Eastern and Midwestern area of the country, called Fan and Fabrication to build and deliver two catwalk maintenance platforms. Upon Horner Fan and Fab’s completion of the job, the customer tried unsuccessfully to find someone to install them. The reason being is that the platforms consisted of two sections approximately 5 feet wide and 9 feet long weighing in at 800lbs each. The platforms had to be lifted 13 feet off the floor, around, up and through conduit, fans, sprinkler heads, fire detection sensors, uniststrut, and other obstacles all over a 14,500 volt transformer.
The customer said it take an “act of congress” to move any conduit or other interfering obstacles out of the way, so Horner had to work around it. And to top it off, the room would not allow all the legs of the spider crane to be fully extended so the limited movement of the crane was adding to the challenge.
Only Horner would agree to install, all other contractors turned the job down. Horner was able to come to the rescue! Horner was able to complete the install in 2 days. I cant thank my team enough for all their hard work and problem solving!