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Cement Fan Repair

The Springfield Division received a call from a Cement Company just before the Memorial Day weekend, for help with a large 8’ diameter propeller style fan that self-destructed. The fan lost one blade and bent over 6” of the rest of the blade tips. Mark Russell and Kim Shellabarger had a meeting with the plant manager on Friday and learned that the request was for a “patch job” with no warranty, just to get them up and running until they could acquire and install a new fan. We were also informed of the high production loss per day, while this fan [...]

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Obsolete Fan Wheel Fabrication

An OEM is an original equipment manufacturer. When manufactures decide to discontinue products or goes out of business, it has the purchasers and users of the product searching for solutions when they need another one. At Fan and Fab, Horner has an ace in its sleeve. We are able to fabricate obsolete fans and parts for our customers. Above is a 67” fan wheel that was sent to us from a customer. It was severely damaged and the OEM was no longer in business. Fan was able to document all the components and develop a CAD file, then laser cut the [...]

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