A magnetics manufacturer in Ohio makes magnetic drums that can sort metal out of material on a conveyor belt. These magnetic drums are for auto shredding, municipal solid waste, parts recovery, and iron ore cobbing just to name a few. These drums are for heavy duty ferrous separation applications. They come in sizes in diameters from 36” to 72” and widths from 36” to 120”.
The magnetic manufacturer was currently looking for a company who could manufacturer these shafts for them and thanks to John Baumann he was awarded the contract along with the Machine Shop. The customer sends the material to the Machine shop, where Horner will turn the ends down to the finished dimensions. They will drill all the holes and send it back to the customer. What’s unique about these shafts is that they are square. The shafts are made to be square so that magnets can be attached to them inside the drum. They are around 10 feet long. Projects like these show the depth of capabilities we have in our shops to help our customers.