We are in the process of working on a project at a major University. What’s interesting is what they’re going to be using the equipment for once we’re completed.
The Toshiba Medium Voltage Drive assembly has been put in place. It is 27 feet long and 8 feet tall. The unit is fed with 13,999 V power that reduced to 4160V through a built-in transformer that powers power to the 4160V VFD section of the unit. Horner Field Service Techs Rick Collins and Gary Anderson were able to set and connect the equipment on site with the help of Scott Byrd of the Logistics group in Indianapolis operating the off road fork truck for us.
This will be connected to a 3,000 HP US brand motor, in a test cell. That testing is to develop jet engines with more thrust than currently available for the US Navy! All of this equipment is under contract to the Navy for development of their engines. They want these engines to get a larger and heavier aircraft off the deck of a carrier than they currently can.
The project involves assistance from various Horner Divisions. The Field Service group will be installing all of the equipment, Horner Fan and Fab for necessary fabrication, Horner Machining Services for the motor base fabrication, the Indy motor shop will be installing a coupling and prep-ping it for installation. Of course, this wouldn’t have all been possible without Bill Fleming with the Horner Sales Department for successfully bringing this opportunity to the company.
Being the US Navy, of course there is a time line to be adhered to, the first test for the unit is in March of 2021. I am sure the University feels the pressure, because they have been very willing to share that pressure with us!