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500 MW Generator Failure: Lesson Be Observant

          A 500 MW generator failed catastrophically, it had an internal short that resulted in a phase to phase short. The generator stopped so suddenly that it sheared off 24 2 ½” bolts in the coupling between the generator and the turbine. The problem was traced to the phase leads resonance shifting to 120HZ as the generator aged. This problem resulted in the annual testing of the phase leads for the unit that had the failure and also on its sister machine. One of the key lessons learned during many hours of testing these generators was that [...]

500 MW Generator Failure: Lesson Be Observant2024-02-28T09:55:34-05:00

Military Work In Springfield

Our company’s typical clients are heavy industrial-based companies. We are blessed to have such diversity in our customer base – steel, aggregate, plastics, automotive, etc. Since we are in so many sectors of industry, we have increased job security. One sector such as automotive can tank while others may increase, keeping our company workload relatively steady. Another component of this security is our nation’s military who’s mission is to keep America and her people safe from threats, foreign and domestic. In the past, we have been called upon to assist the government with projects for the Navy and Air Force. In [...]

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