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German Engineering Gearbox

Anyone who has worked in the field of electromechanical repair has likely come across one or more pieces of German engineered equipment. It doesn’t take long to figure out the Germans have a unique way of engineering their products and for the most part, are not repair friendly. Recently our shop repaired a Knodler CMG gearbox that was designed and built in Germany. The design of the CMG gearbox is to solve a problem of needing a large amount of torque in a small package, and this gear- box does that well. CMG is an acronym for “compact motor gear” and [...]

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The High Costs of Production Losses

In November, Bill Roper received a call from a concerned customer with a failed gearbox. This was a large obsolete gearbox that is coupled to a rubber extruder that mixes a special compound, supplied to other facilities. Bill asked if the Springfield division could commit the manpower to this overtime job and we accepted the challenge. The customer stated that his company was losing $550 every 15 minutes that this extruder was down. So that is $2,200 per hour, $52,800 per day and $369,000 per week! Needless to say, this was a full overtime job, worked around the clock. The customer [...]

The High Costs of Production Losses2023-03-06T11:22:25-05:00
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