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Slurry Pump Project

We have a local gravel pit and asphalt operation near our Springfield OH repair shop. Over the years, we have built a solid relationship with this customer, doing field service, motor and mechanical repairs. This project started in September of 2016 when Dave Whited and Karl Hoppe met with the corporate engineer and local management about ways to improve power factor. Initially, we looked at PF correction capacitors and then into AC drives as a way to improve power efficiency. The slurry system consists of three pumps – a fresh water pump, a sand pump, and a waste pump. All part [...]

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CoolBLUE® Absorption Inductors Solve Severe Noise Issue at Ethanol Plant

An Ethanol plant in Michigan had experienced severe noise on their plant Distributed Control System, (which is Device Net) being generated by the installed VFD’S since the plant was built. The noise issue was a direct result of running all of the entire plant communication lines in the same cable trays as the power lines to energize their plant’s production equipment. The harmonic line distortion created by the VFDs required a minimum of 8 units that had to be manually started at any given time. Since this is a Hazardous and Explosion Proof area the customer was extremely concerned for the [...]

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