Multiple Horner Industrial Divisions worked together to secure a fan on a cooling tower for the Steel Mill customer. Air conditioning equipment and industrial processes can generate heat in the form of tons of hot water that needs to be cooled down. That’s where an industrial cooling tower comes in. Overheated water flows through the cooling tower where it’s recirculated and exposed to cool, dry air. Heat leaves the recirculating cooling tower water through evaporation. This is called evaporative cooling. The colder water then reenters the air conditioning equipment or process to cool that equipment down, and the cooling cycle repeats over and over again. When the warm condenser goes into the cooling tower, the water is passed through some nozzles which spray the water into small droplets across the fill, which increases the surface area of water and allows for better heat loss thru greater evaporation. The purpose of the fan on top of the water cooling tower is to bring in air from the bottom of the tower and move it up and out in the opposite direction of the warm condenser water at the top of the unit. The air will carry the heat by evaporating water from the cooling tower into the atmosphere. Horner Field Service went onsite to balance the cooling tower fan, but determined that the fan supports were so badly rusted that a balance would not be safe to complete. So the customer had Fan and Fabrication design and fabricate two new supports. Horner Coatings then powder coated the supports to extend the life of the equipment. After the supports were installed, Horner Field Service went back out to complete the balancing of the cooling tower fan.