One of the services offered by Horner Mechanical Field Service is thermography inspections. It is primarily used to inspect energized electrical systems. We look for electrical equipment that is hotter than it is rated for, as well as for balanced temperatures. Temperature imbalance can occur due to uneven current flow, or a loose connection causing heat. It is another one of those “black box” technologies that some people are very skeptical about the validity of paying for.
Matt Brown is one of the guys who perform these inspections and recently had the opportunity to make a new convert of a skeptic. During an inspection in a steel plant, Matt identified what he diagnosed as a loose connection. His escort scoffed at the idea, but went through the motions to pacify Matt by checking it. He found the screw holding the wire in contact was loose by two turns! After tightening the screw, the temperature reduction was apparent. Here are photographs of the before and after thermal images. A success story, that could have prevented the failure of a piece of equipment, or a fire due to the heat. Nice job Matt, and welcome to the new convert into the 21st century.