A large corn processing plant uses a large Ingersoll Rand, Axial Flow Process Pump in their process that experienced a bearing failure. The bearing failure caused the impeller to rub up against the inside of the pump case causing a large cut in the housing. The customer sent the pump to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), where they welded on the case, which in turn caused more damage to the case by warping the input flange. Which then had to be machined to have it match the inlet piping. This was done on more than one occasion and the last time this happened the OEM told the customer that the pump could no longer be repaired. The plant was looking at having to purchase a new pump at $120,000. The customer sent the pump to Horner to try to repair it before purchasing a new one.
Horner’s Thermal Spray and Industrial Coatings division sprayed the housing and shaft and restored it back to its original size and design. The bore and flange surface were sprayed with Inconel, which is a high-grade stainless-steel product with superior wear resistance. Over 1” of Inconel was applied to the flange surface to bring it back to its original dimensions. The shaft sleeve was sprayed with Stellite, which is a low friction hard coating that is designed to run up against the packing. The tips of the impeller and the impeller itself were TIG-welded with a special stainless repair rod and machined back to size. After the machining was finished the impeller was balanced. Horner’s Pump Shop reassembled the unit and installed new bearings and seals.
A big shout out of appreciation goes out to the Horner team across the board for helping to save the customer an enormous amount of money by giving them a quality repair on a product they were told was scrap and unrepairable.