Horner Helps Biofuel Plant Reopen:
An ethanol plant that was recently closed decided to reopen. Their plant equipment sat idle for years since 2018. They are in the process of reconditioning all their equipment and Horner has been tasked with a cooling tower that has a total of six motor/pump combos where they need four of them working at all times. These motors are 600HP vertical pump motors. Other projects that Horner is helping the plant with is rebuilding some of the bases that the pumps sit on, 3 stage Gould pumps, and two large dryer fans.



Cement Finish Mill Motor:
A cement company sent in an Allis Chamers 3000 HP 200 RPM Synchronous Motor that runs in their finish mill. A finish mill is where the feed material is reduced in size from as large as several centimeters in diameter, down to less than 100 microns. This is accomplished by grinding with the use of either ball mills or vertical roller mills, sometimes in combination with a roll press. This motor was replaced with a new motor so this is now the spare. The shop is doing a complete rewind of the stator and then applying a rubber coating to keep the dust off the windings when it goes back into production. This motor when finished will be housed at the Horner Warehouse.



Pipeline Motor Caught Fire:
A pipeline company that pumps crude oil from tank farms to refineries recently had a motor catch fire and they called Horner to get this motor back to working order. The 4000 HP motor fire cause is unknown but speculation is that the winding heaters shorted and caused an oil and grease fire inside the motor creating extremely high heat and failure. The motor was replaced with a spare and this motor will be checked for mechanical damage, repaired (Horner will be replacing the electrical windings) and tested and then it will be reassembled and stored at the Horner Warehouse as the next spare motor.