Cryogenic blasting or “Dry ice blasting” is a super clean way to get equipment back to a clean condition without any residual mess like if you were to use cob media or sand.
Dry ice blasting is a form of carbon dioxide cleaning, where dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide is accelerated in a pressurized air stream and directed at a surface to clean it.
The method is like other forms of media blasting such as sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting, Cryogenic blasting uses dry ice as the blasting medium. Dry-ice blasting is nonabrasive based off the material you are cleaning and can be non-conductive, it’s definitely nonflammable, and non-toxic.
Dry-ice blasting is an efficient cleaning method. Dry ice is made of reclaimed carbon
dioxide that is produced from other industrial processes, and is an approved media by the EPA, FDA and USDA. It also reduces or eliminates employee exposure to the use of chemical solvents.
Compared to other media blasting methods, dry-ice blasting does not create secondary waste or chemical residues. It converts back to a gaseous state when it hits the surface that is being cleaned. Dry-ice blasting does not require clean-up of a blasting media. The waste product, which includes just the dislodged media, can be swept up, vacuumed or washed away
depending on the containment.
Keeping our customers’ equipment clean can help with life of the equipment in many ways from easily being able to diagnose a leak or finding a sensor rather than dig through tons of built up dirt and debris!