Unusual request we got from Sales was a customer needed help to find a leak in their hydraulic system on a large press. The press was leaking gallons of oil in only a few days, and they had a mess so large they could not get it clean and dry to pinpoint the leak. We have an oil dye in Field Service, that can be added to oil, without affecting the lubricity or viscosity of the oil, and the dye glows under a black light. We have black light flashlights to use with the dye. Rusty  (Field Service Tech) went on site and added the dye to the oil reservoir, and then returned in a couple of days to look at the evidence. He was able to quickly identify the hose that was leaking (yellow dye in picture above) and we have provided a quote to replace that hose to the customer. Other applications this could be used for include: oil lubricated motor bearings, hydraulics, gearboxes, and any oil lubricated equipment.