A Cement Plant was working on a project where customers can visit their site day and night for ready to use product using an automated system. The holding facility is larger than a grain silo and filled with powder cement. This project is worth millions of dollars and has been put on hold due to COVID-19. The Plant Engineer had a problem, the equipment to run the project was still being built and delivered. He reached out to Horner’s Warehouse to help store and maintain this equipment until the project resumes.
We were able to get in contact with Powell Electrical Systems to ship the switchgear directly to our warehouse. Additionally, we will be expecting five more pieces. One of which was recently picked up in Xenia, Ohio by Horner Logistics and provided white glove direct shipment to the warehouse. This of course avoids using commercial carriers and multiple cross docks that can damage sensitive freight.
Although we just have the switchgear and transformer on site, we are storing several other pieces for the Cement Customer and continue to provide great service to our customers in times of crisis. The golden dome is 160-foot diameter at 145-foot tall and capable of storing 80,000 tons of cement.