A motor manufacturer that produces motors for the rail industry. Their facility in Dayton OH was devastated by a tornado on Memorial Day weekend, last year. Since then, the Horner Industrial Springfield Division has been assisting their engineers to get their products tested and prepared for shipment to their customers.
Last month, we were asked to start up a program to wind new 100 HP fan stators for the customer. They sent one of their winding engineers to our shop for a week to teach us their winding methods and materials. The engineer was a winding supervisor at the Springfield shop, back in the pre-Horner days, so he was well received.
Since the quantity of stators exceeds what Springfield division can produce, we solicited the help of other Horner Industrial divisions. Louisville Division was represented by Charlie Mings and Terre Haute division represented by Kent Seavers. Alan Horner, Randy Jones, Dave Whited and Dave Howard have all visited a temporary facility that the customer has set up on the north side of Dayton to see how they wind their stators.
I am proud to report that the Horner Industrial Springfield division winders have stepped up their game and are now producing 4 completed stators per week.  These stators are insulated, wound, connected, and then dipped/ baked in special epoxy per the company’s specifications. This represents a sizable opportunity for Horner Industrial Group but there is also the fact that we are helping to secure jobs for their employees by assisting them in keeping their customers happy as they rebuild their facility over the next year or so.