On Memorial Day, May 27th at 11:30 PM, an F-3 tornado packing winds up to 140 MPH hit several homes and businesses in Dayton Ohio. One of the businesses was a manufacturer of specialty motors for the railroad industry. The storm tore off half of the roof and destroyed the walls, leaving the steel structure intact. (see photos)
Two weeks earlier, Dave Whited ran into a previous co-worker that he had not seen in 20 years. Corky Compton was a winder at our Springfield repair shop prior to leaving our shop to be the winding supervisor at the motor manufacturer. Dave and Corky exchanged phone numbers and promised to stay in touch.
The day after the tornado devastated the manufacturer’s facility, Corky called Dave to see if we could help them. We met with Corky and several senior engineers to determine what work we could do to help them. To date, we have completed balancing of fans and motor rotors. Also, we have assembled motors, fans and compressors and performed final testing so they could ship to their customers. We are currently in the process of setting up a dip and bake area just for the manufacturer’s motors, in the Springfield shop, using their specified epoxy varnish.
Since it may be a year before the manufacturer’s 600,000 sq. ft. facility is rebuilt and operational, they are setting up a temporary facility in Vandalia, OH. at the old GM plant. We have been asked to help them with winding work on AC stators, to keep up with their customer demand. All four Horner motor shops may be involved with these rewinds over the next year.
Here is a quote from the Vice President of the manufacturer: “Again, we are forever grateful for your company’s help these last several weeks. Because of your efforts, we are in the process of saving over 400 jobs.”
Sometimes, our work at Horner Industrial Group goes well beyond just dollars and cents. When we help others who are less fortunate, they are very grateful for our efforts.