A recreational park in Indiana called Horner to make sure their motors were up and run- ning and
the pool could open up Memorial Day weekend. The pumps and motors at the park circulate water up
the waterslides, down the lazy river. They also direct the water towards the water processing
system for filtration, heating, and chlorination.
Indy Field service removed the motors and brought them back to the shop to test them, install new
bearings, and recondition them. They replaced 1/3 of their motors with new motors from our Product
Sales Department and are keeping the old recon- ditioned motors as spares in case they have a
failure. Imagine the disappointment if the waterslide turns off.
Back to the park, Field Service installed the new motors and reconditioned motors. These motors are
all hooked up to pumps so Field Service also installed new seals on the pumps.
Ever seen what the behind the scenes looks like at a waterpark? Take a look at the motor
and pump room below.