There are a lot of motor shops in the Midwest but there are very few gearbox repair firms. Most customers send their large and expensive gearboxes back to the manufacturer to repair them for 50 – 75% of the price of a new replacement gearbox. This repair practice has created some opportunity for our division to repair special, expensive gearboxes for less than a manufacturer’s repair and we can offer a shorter delivery timeframe.
We recently received five plastic extrusion drive gearboxes from one customer, thanks to John Baumann’s sales effort. We dismantled all five gearboxes and quoted them to the customer. As luck would have it, when our shop was covered up with shutdown work and overtime jobs, the customer released the repair of a large gearbox and they needed a short delivery.
Special thanks to Suzanne Harlow (office), Gabe Mercuri (field service), John Baumann (sales) and Dave Howard (supervisor) for their extra effort to meet the customer’s expectation. This gearbox was delivered 8 days after being released and I would guess that few manufacturers could make that repair delivery. Also, we picked up another gearbox for repair when we delivered this one!
Thank you to all team members who went the extra mile to work all weekend and long hours to meet the quick delivery and turn this job into a success story.