To all Horner employees and their families:

Happy Veterans Day to our Veterans!!!

Today is a day that we all need to remember all of our veterans and say “Thank You” to each and every one of them. All of us have known a veteran, been a son or daughter, brother or sister of a Veteran, or were a Veteran. So, no matter where you are in that chain, it is a day that we all should remember and show the respect to our Veterans that they deserve. Personally, along with the Horner family, I want to say thanks to all veterans who have served unselfishly to protect our homeland from people that want to hurt us. No matter what role and responsibility you had, we are indebted to you in ways that words cannot describe. Many of our parents served in WWII, Viet Nam, the Korean war and we witnessed what that did to them after they returned home and tried to resume a normal life. I am sure we will never know what really happened to them since most would never talk about it. They just internalized it and took most of those feelings to their graves. Now we have the next generation of men and women that have been fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and coming home with the same traumatic injuries and PTSD as the earlier wars, and maybe even worse. We need to support them in any way we need to so they feel that their efforts were not in vain. It is easy to forget what sacrifices these men and women have made since we were not there to experience what they went through and go through every day. In no uncertain terms, we owe them eternal gratitude for their willingness to volunteer to put on that uniform and go places to fight with no guarantee they will be coming home. That sacrifice, attitude and willingness to give their life for all of us at home is one that not all people are willing to sacrifice. Those of you that have are a cut above the rest, for the willingness to make that commitment and sacrifice.

Thank you to each and everyone of you that have served our country unselfishly and for giving the ultimate potential sacrifice of your life to protect us here at home and keep this country safe.

God Bless each and every Veteran that is somehow connected to a Horner employee or is a Horner employee. Your service to our country is the most honorable thing anyone can give!!!

Alan Horner