Horner APG recently held an Application Show and Tell contest where customers were asked to share stories and pictures of how they use our products. Some of the results were expected and typical, such as in oil and gas operations, farming or agricultural installations, and standard industrial manufacturing applications. We were surprised, however, to see photos of our XL7 and XL4, respectively, inside airborne and seaworthy vessels!
One aviation customer needed a sunlight readable controller which could interface to functions such as the engine fuel and ignition, touchscreen capabilities, and were restricted by power limits. The customer was already very familiar with Horner Automation products, and our XL7 provided a ready-made solution for their specific application. After evaluating 6 different controller options (from some of our biggest competitors), the XL7 was the only one that could perform in a bright cockpit – and the price was excellent too!
One XL4 earned its sealegs aboard a tugboat! The customer was looking for a controller to act as a gauge measuring and displaying line pull and payout for their 150 tonne pulling capacity. The controller also needed to excel in both daylight and nighttime (as well as damp) environments; provide warning alarms; and maintain a compact profile. The XL4, like a tugboat, might be small – but it is mighty. The customer is thrilled with the performance and capability of this new solution for their pulling system.
The Horner OCS (Operator Control Station) has been around for a few years now (more like a few decades), and can be found in applications from California to Connecticut, and beyond: China, Brazil, Ireland, Australia, and more. You can find a Horner controller on almost every continent. From cockpit to captain’s cabin, there is no limit to the versatility, capabilities, and durability of our all-in-one controllers.