A 1350 HP Synchronous Motor out of a cement plant in Ohio was called out to bid and Horner won that bid.
This finish mill motor comes out of a cement plant in the ball mill. The ball mill is a big round pipe that is full of steel balls the size of a softball. As the pipe turns it has blades welded on the inside which carry the balls up to the top of a 16-foot diameter pipe and the balls fall to the bottom of the pipe where the rocks are. The weight of the balls smash the rock into powder. This is one step in making concrete.
Because of the size of this motor, it had to be dismantled on site before it was loaded onto the Horner Semi. Horner Field Service pulled the unit and had it loaded in less than 2 days. The customer was impressed with the work that was done. This motor had a stator rub at the 1:30 and 3:30 position which caused the wedges to burn which burned the surface of the coils. The stator will be wound using a stage B Epoxy coil system which allows the field rewind of the damaged windings.
This motor is critical to the production of the cement plant so this is a rush overtime job.