The Terre Haute shop currently rebuilds and reconditions many DC motors for an Animal Health Products customer. There are 16 600HP Louis Allis motors, 11 600HP GE motors, and 16 500HP Louis Allis motors. These motors are used in the fermentation process. At the customer site the product is produced in a lab setting then sent through the fermentation process until it grows and is completed. It takes about two weeks to complete the finished product. If a motor fails during fermentation, the entire batch will have to be scrapped. So the operation of these motors is critical. They run 24/7 until the product is completed. Terre Haute currently keeps spares on hand and also parts for these motors in case of a failure and a emergency repair. The mechanics play an important role in the manufacturer of the animal health products, by keeping these motors running for the company, they also in turn keep our beloved animal friends healthy. Great work guys, we appreciate all you do!