One Saturday evening in March I received a call from a plastic fabrication company in Indianapolis that both the motors on their cooling tower had failed. The plant operates several water-cooled extruders and compressors and without the cooling towers their operation would be shut down. They had one spare motor but needed a second and they needed it installed ASAP.
I called Ralph Coonce to arrange a field service crew and crane for Sunday morning and went to the plant to get a better eye on the situation. Once at the plant I called Kerry Fork (Inside Sales Indy) and he found a motor in Indy. I picked up a new motor at 8:30 PM Saturday out by the airport and met the crew Sunday morning. The old motors were wire nutted on and had shorted out with all the rain and snow. Horner installed two new motors lugged properly and had both towers up and running by the end of the day Sunday. Great job from all the Horner resources to pull this together in less than 24 hours!