A call came in late Friday from a customer planning to have their maintenance team do an onsite bearing change on a production compressor motor. We had the bearings in stock and set aside for them, however, Monday morning I received a call letting me know that they weren’t able to complete the work in house and requested Horner Field Service to come assist as soon as possible. We sent a team that morning to pull the motor and get it in to the shop for evaluation. Once onsite, they found that the compressor room is not accessible with a forklift. With some creative thinking they were able to remove the 700 lb motor and within a few short hours the motor was in our shop.
Incoming evaluation proved the motor was bad, failing incoming electrical testing and turning the project in to a rush rewind. The Horner team worked together to complete disassembly, electrical testing, winding and machining for this production critical compressor motor. Upon completion of the repair we were asked to come back and provide field installation of this motor. Placing the motor proved to be more of a challenge than removing it. With the use of a mechanics engine crane they were able to carefully put the motor back in place and with the assistance of the customer, final electrical connections were made and the unit was back up and running. The teamwork and quick turnaround helped to strengthen our customer relationship and has since led to future field service and repair opportunities.
A great job to the Terre Haute Horner team and a big thanks to Buster Hinds, Jeremy Brown and Eddie Piper for their onsite support of this turnkey project!