Horner Louisville had the opportunity over the Holidays to service a customer who is a plastics extrusion company. The motor came in on an overtime basis, so it was given top priority.
The customer sent in a 75Hp FUJI DC Motor that, after disassembly, inspection and testing required a full rewind and machine work that included coatings work on the armature. However, this wasn’t your every day run of the mill DC motor. The motor was a random wound compound design which is known to be a little tricky to wind.
Louisville’s winder, Charlie Mings, looked at the winding and was confident that he would be able to perform the necessary due diligence to replace the winding. Due to the fact that it was a foreign motor the wire sizes were metric and Charlie had to get as close as he could using imperial sizes of wire to get the motor back to its original design as possible.
There were multiple issues with the motor that needed to be addressed from the mechanical side of things, one being the lead separator in the T-Box. Please note that this motor was previously repaired by a reputable EASA Member shop whose sticker was prominently displayed on the motor just under the nameplate. The lead separator was made of wood. Not sure that a lead separator made of wood would meet EASA’s AR-100 – 2021 standards, but there it was. Derek Phelps, Horner Louisville’s motor mechanic, manufactured a new lead separator out of the proper material, as can be seen in the attached pictures.
The motor was completed, electrically tested, and sent back to the customer to be installed. It took some effort to get there, but everyone was satisfied with the finished product!