It’s cement outage season in Indiana with Horner doing work in Greencastle, Louisville, Logansport, Speed, and Mitchell IN. A Central Indiana cement plant is conducting their largest Maintenance and Repair outage in 20 years. They needed to replace an entire section of both the kiln and raw mill. The company brought in a 700-ton mobile crane to the plant site requiring 78 semi loads of support to set up. The time needed for these extended kiln and mill repairs allowed the customer to do all other outage work in the same 6-week timeframe. Washington Street, Terre Haute and HMS are all providing motor and mechanical work ranging from 50 hp to 5000 hp in motors, gearboxes, and machine work.
IFS is handling 15 different projects on-site removing large horsepower motors and installing
spares. They’re also swapping couplings, doing alignments, doing PM work on VFDs and PdMA
testing all critical motors. They’ve also taken on the task of installing with new lights in
two different areas from the Horner Lighting Group.
It takes a concerted effort from all divisions to accomplish the goals we set during these
outages. Dates and schedules are shifting to accommodate other work for other customers
and then the last-minute Rush / OT jobs hitting the door adds up to scramble time on all fronts.