An Aluminum Foil manufacturer experienced catastrophic bearing failure on a combustion air furnace fan. When the bearings failed, the fan wheel made contact with the fan housing.
The combustion air fan provides air to the furnace gas burners. The furnace heats the aluminum foil rolls to burn off the oil used to manufacture aluminum rolls when the aluminum passes through mills and separators.
Horner Fan received the damaged fan. The incoming inspection revealed the fan hub was cracked and along with the fan wheel damage – bent/cracked blades and ripped off back plate, Horner Fan recommended to manufacture a replacement. The customer agreed. Horner Fan purchased the aluminum materials, manufactured a new fan wheel, balanced, and delivered on a RUSH repair. The customer received the fan and had their aluminum foil furnace back in operation allowing them to once again produce foil for their customers.
Everyone at the aluminum plant was very thankful for Horner’s quick emergency repair and the resulting quality/manufacture of the fan wheel.