In April Fan & Fabrication quoted fabricating a scrap chute for an auto manufacturer. This included assisting with removal and installation, design work, fabrication, a rubber sound barrier coating and transportation of the old and new chute.
The chute would be fabricated from 1/8” thick AR plate which matched the original design. Angle supports, hanger brackets and replacement flanges would be included. The main body will be covered with a rubber material to offer noise control.
The entire project had to be started and completed during the company’s shutdown. This gave Horner just one week to make magic happen. On Saturday July 1st Matt Phelps and Marc Dardeen assisted with the removal and the trucking of the original chute from the company to Fan and Fab. Once in the fab shop, Matt, Steve Belt and Josh Work began taking measurements and making drawings. By Sunday evening the majority of the parts were cut on the laser. On Monday, Tracy Brown, Steve Herman and Sam Jones started salvaging parts off of the old unit and fabricating replacement pieces while Bob Dorris finished laser cutting the remaining parts. Tuesday, July 4th Tracy, Steve and Sam were in the shop forming, grinding and welding – fueled by the desire to meet the target date (and a cupcake or two). By Wednesday morning the majority of the scrap chute was ready to be delivered to Coatings.
Horner Coatings worked their magic and by Saturday morning the chute was headed to the car manufacturer. Marc Dardeen assisted the contractor at the company with the installation of the new chute. By 5:15 pm on Saturday 7/8 all four pieces had been positioned and secured. The contractor pulled off the job at 5:30 pm and all he had left to do was to tighten all the flange bolts and install the hanger brackets.
All the parts had gone into position without any major issues. The contractor was very complimentary of the workmanship and quality of chute. He also really appreciated our assistance with the installation. The installation went far better and quicker than the contractor thought it would. This was largely because of the accuracy of the engineering and fabrication. A huge THANK YOU to all of the employees that played a part in making this job a success. It is jobs like this one that will generate future opportunities with this customer. Proving what the Horner Group is capable of accomplishing.