When our customers are “boxed” in, Horner has the unique ability to assemble resources from Multiple Horner locations to get them back up and running. In this case, our customer literally makes thousands of boxes a year in the form of Kitchen and bathroom cabinets. As a major supplier to the (2) largest home improvement chains in the United States, that makes for a lot of Boxes!
In this case, our customers largest exhaust fan drawing air off of their paint booths failed the Dodge 3-15/16 bearings on the 52” diameter fan. The air off the booths is run through a filter system that reduces the heavy particle account to acceptable levels as it is then then released into the atmosphere. If the fan is not operational, the plant is subject to fines or is shut down once the amount of particles reach a certain volume. At that point, production is halted and revenue to the plant is stopped.
The motor and bearing platform are mounted outside on the top of an 8 foot high concrete pedestal that has no mezzanine or catwalk to safely work off of. This makes for a more cumbersome repair process but that’s nothing for our Mechanical Field Service team which once again, stepped up to the plate.
Manpower from multiple Horner locations along with the proper rigging equipment is assembled on site to pull this repair off in a safe and timely manner. A 3 man crew working together for 2 days were able to remove the existing fan shaft and wheel where it was lowered to the ground. Once safely there, it was thoroughly inspected and cleaned by hand. The failed bearings were removed and the shaft was inspected for shaft fits. On confirmation of acceptable dimensions and after the fan was cleaned by hand, new bearings were installed the entire assembly was rigged back into place. Once the fan was properly located, the final assembly of the bearings and coupling installation takes place followed by an alignment and balance of the fan.
During the process, the fan was measured for future quotation of a high release coating by thermal spray. The thought process is that by doing this, the time between the need to hand “clean” the fan could be extended or even eliminated. We are thinking that with less product “sticking” to the wheel, balance issues will be greatly reduced which should help extend bearing life, (along with proper lubrication).
So just remember, when our customers feel “boxed” in, Horner’s unique blend of people, experience, technical know-how, willingness to travel from multiple locations and work together will get things turning again. And when things are turning smoothly for our customers, we once again prove our reputation as the “Can Do” company in the industrial services market place.